I am so glad you have chosen to look at our blog. We will try to show how America can and should be doing more to address the current global refugee crisis. That to stay true to America’s vales this is the only course of action. I live in an area were there are lost of refugees living and have gotten to see there personal side of the issue and have been moved to try to as much as I can to help improve the situation through my actions and changing other peoples opinions of refugees. I studied Persian in college and have worked recently in both Arabic and Persian studies creating a personal connection to the areas that are currently seeing the greatest refugee creation. I hope by reading this blog we are able to help you understand more about the refugees and the current crisis.



Hello, my name is Miguel.  I am a student of #DMAD17 and this is our blog.  I am a huge fan of civil discourse and I hope to engage many of you throughout the course of this assignment and perhaps beyond.

What I hope to gain from this blog is further insight and knowledge from stories or experiences that refugees have to endure on their trip to America and I hope the reader achieves the same goals.  America is the bastion of freedom and individuals fleeing from persecution and war should look towards this great country as a chance at redemption and another chance to start again.

I welcome opposing viewpoints, facts, and evidence to any claims and I despise the notion of safe spaces and trigger warnings.  Also, being offended are your subjective feelings and the facts do not care about your feelings.  Talk to you all later.


Bio-Melannie Arolick

I support refugees in America because these people need our help. No matter what country they are coming from they are seeking an escape from a place that is unbearable. What people fail to see is that refugees do not necessarily want to leave and come to America; they are different from immigrants seeking a better life. Refugees are people that were forced to leave their homes because it was no longer safe to live. It is our job as a free nation to help these people to feel safe when they have been ostracized.


A couple weeks ago I went to the Newseum in Washington D.C. There is a new exhibit there with photographs of refugees from all over the world. the photos captured different points in the people’s journeys such as along the way, arriving at their destination, plain pictures of their faces and narratives about the people. These pictures helped me to see the struggles they are going through and the courage that it takes to leave their homes and seek salvation. We should be doing whatever we can to make this hardship just a little bit easier for them.



Refugee: A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Unsplash. Nitish Meena. 2017. Web. 9. Mar 2017.

The dictionary definition of a refugee does not begin to describe the hardships faced by those individuals fleeing their native countries for safety. Refugees in America plans to explore the lives of refugees uncovering the embodiment of stress and the existing inequalities. A multi-level approach is used to illustrate how forces abroad can affect refugees domestically and locally.

Through the discovery process of seeing all aspects of the refugee experience, Refugees in America hopes to guide readers towards a supportive stance. Refugees in America plans to dispel common myths held about the existence of refugees domestically.

Unsplash. Alice Donovan. 20017. Web. 9. Mar 2017.